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Today is DAY 27 and I will be featuring Author Karen Fuller. Below you will find information about the author, her books and a paperback giveaway

Q. How many books have you written to date?
A. I have 7 published titles to date. 3 in the adult paranormal romance category:
Cry Wolf, book one of the Cry Wolf Series, a wolf shape shifter series;
Courting the Darkness, a vampire/shape shifter series, book one of the
Courting the Darkness Saga, and Courting the Darkness Saga: Dangerous, book
2. I have a young adult historical romance, Sweet Rebellion, and 3 books in
the young adult shape shifter/witchcraft series Wickford High.

Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
A. My stories are more interesting than I am. I’m a college graduate, although my degree is in business management, not writing. I didn’t get the writing bug until a few years after graduating college. LOL I’ve been an author for about five years. I fell in love with the book industry with the release of my
first book, Wickford High: The Revelation. I loved the field so much that when I lost my job in 2011 I took my 401k and opened World Castle Publishing. I’ve not looked back since. I have over 100 great authors and I love helping others do what I love to do: write and publish fantastic stories.

Q. Who/what inspired you to write your first book?
A. It wasn’t a who so much as a what. I’ve always been an avid reader. My love for the written word started when I was twelve. Back then there wasn’t a young adult category. My favorite then was romance which would now be considered contemporary. My love has moved more to the paranormal.
About five years ago I had a very vivid dream and when I woke up I had a strong desire to put it to paper. I really didn’t know where to begin so I wrote down the outline with pen and paper and walked away from it. It didn’t end there though, the story kept nagging at me and I kept passing that paper and staring at it. The book was then titled Desire Everlasting and was released under that title. I wrote the book in six weeks. The original length was 105,000 words, but being my first book I rewrote it about nine times before it was truly released. It took a while before I was satisfied with the story. Before this story was released I had release two books in the Wickford High series and
Courting the Darkness. Because this book is young adult due to the ages of the characters I later decided to change the title to Sweet Rebellion.

Q. Which of the books you have written is your favourite? Why does this book
stand out from the rest?
A. I’d have to say that the last written, Cry Wolf, is my favorite. A writer grows with each book and with each edit and I feel like Cry Wolf is sexier and hotter than any book I’ve written to date.

Q. What genre have you written?
A.Young adult historical romance, young adult paranormal romance, adult
paranormal romance, and adult paranormal/erotic romance.

Q. Have you thought about trying to write another genre? If so, which genre and why?
A. I doubt that I’ll ever write out of the romance genre. I might later try erotic romance without the paranormal, but no books have been planned to date.

Q. How much research do you put into writing your books?
A. When I wrote Desire Everlasting/Sweet Rebellion I did a ton of research. The book is as accurate as I could get it for the Civil War era. The others since they are more fantasy I just researched the cities where the books take place. Sevierville, TN for Courting the Darkness, Dangerous is New Orleans, and Cry Wolf is in Chicago.

Q. What is the biggest obstacles you have faced in your journey as an author?
A. Keeping my muse focused and combatting writers block.

Q. Are you currently working on any new projects? Can you tell us a little about it?
A. Yes, right now I’m in the middle of two books. I’m writing Giovanni which is the sequel to Cry Wolf. The books following Cry Wolf in that series are about their children and their new loves. All the original characters are in the stories so the reader can keep up with the original characters. The books following Cry Wolf are: Giovanni, Nico, and Leonardo. All the books in this series are paranormal/erotic romances. The other book I’m in the middle of is a brand new series The Dark Wolf Series. The name of this book is Dark Wolf: Hunted. This story is about a skinwalker, Aaron Wolf. He’s a Navajo Indian and a skinwalker. The heroine of the story is Nikki, her parents and coven were killed by a pack of werewolves. Her quest for revenge leads her to Aaron. This
book is also a paranormal/erotic romance.

Q. How can readers get in contact with you or find out more about your books?
A. My website is and I can also be found at

Amanda Archer is on the fast track to success. At twenty-five she has just about everything she’s ever wanted. She has complete control of her life…until she meets Marco.

Marco De Lucia is a very influential man. Handsome, rich, and very powerful. Marco has a secret that few know about and live to tell it. He’s a wolf.

From the moment Marco steps into Amanda’s life everything spins out of her control. Marco tells her about fate, destiny and her obligations. She was born to be his...

Marco has waited three hundred years to finally find Amanda and fulfill their destiny. He knows who she is...he just has to convince her of that.

There are others that aren’t too excited that Marco’s found his mate. Others that will stop at nothing to make sure the prophecy isn’t fulfilled...
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She was wanted by everyone...

All she wanted was to be left alone, or at least that's what Desiree Dupuis thought she wanted. She was born a very powerful witch. It figures the one back fired spell she cast would make her a very wanted woman. Drake, the Vampire King, wanted her for her magic. Jason Hargrove, the witch hunter, wanted to see her burn. Caleb Jenkins, the shape-shifter, wanted to possess her. Mica Sinclair, the Rogue Vampire...Well...Mica wanted her heart.

Danger and adventure awaits...

Desiree had no trouble finding danger, suspense, lies, deceit, and most of all romance...She found love where she least expected, but at what cost? Are the risks too great?

After being tugged in four different directions, all Desiree wanted was to Court the Darkness.
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Dangerous (Courting the Darkness Saga Book 2)
Courting the Darkness Saga Continues…Dangerous

Sherry Lambert is a little tired of her mundane “normal” life. Other than being a witch, nothing remotely exciting ever happens to her. That is until she receives a phone call from Desiree. Suddenly she’s sucked into a lifestyle she’s never known full of excitement and danger.

Drake Bouvier is king. He has reigned as king for the last three hundred years. No one tells him no and remains healthy. Handsome, arrogant, and ruthless, he is a vampire accustomed to taking what he wants—he wants Sherry.

From the moment their eyes meet there is an attraction. Sherry’s excited to meet the hot new guy at her friend’s door until she finds out he’s a vampire. She is looking for a little excitement, but this is a little more than she bargained for. Her friend Desiree’s warning to stay away from Drake only fuels her curiosity, drawing her in despite her best intentions.

From the moment he catches her scent he knows her for who she is—his life mate. He isn’t letting anyone stand in his way, especially Desiree.

Danger and excitement comes from every corner: witch hunters, shape shifters, enemy clans, and an old prophecy yet to be fulfilled. Can Sherry resist the temptations of the flesh and promise of excitement to just walk away? Will he even let her? Will they even survive the next couple of days? — Dangerous
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Karen Fuller Author’s Bio
Karen Fuller resides in the panhandle of sunny Florida with her husband of twenty-eight
years. She has two grown children and one grandchild. Addicted to romance novels
since she was twelve, she figured the next step would be to actually write one, that one
turned into seven and still counting. Although she has several Young Adult titles, Erotic/
Paranormal Romance is her favorite genre. Her latest, Cry Wolf was released March of
2014. Her next release in the same series will debut in 2015.
Karen Fuller holds an Associates of Arts Degree in business management and
accounting. In March 2011 she opened World Castle Publishing where she currently
represents over 100 authors and has published over 300 books.
Amazon Page: (More books can be found here)

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