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My name is Akeisha and I am currently residing in  Toronto, Canada.
P.S. I hate the cold.
 Being an island girl who grew up in Trinidad and Tobago for the first 18 years of my life, living in Canada was such a huge step for me. I can't tell you when I started to read because I honestly cannot remember. Thinking back to my days as a child, I was always reading under a coconut tree or anywhere I could find peace.  I created my blog to share my love for all things books and the authors I secretly stalk from my computer.
 I usually enjoy books from most genre however my absolute favourite would have to be Romance. There is just something about a good love story that I can't help being addicted too. Give me book boyfriends that hunt me in my sleep, invade my thoughts even when I am away. In my dreams I've married a thousand times to Remy, Travis, Kellan or even Gideon lol.

 I am a little shy (well....sometimes) however for those that have met me might say I am a little out there but I promise you that I am sane.

If you give me a good book I will give you my honest opinion. I don't know how to sugar coat things (one of my many downfalls according to my mother) but I promise you that my reviews will never attack an author personally. What I like or dislike about a book has nothing to do with an author personal life, etc but how the book made me feel.

Hello my name is Kassidy. I live in Florida right now. I grew up in Wisconsin and can say I love the weather down in Florida way better than the weather in Wisconsin.  My husband is in the Coast Guard so we move often. I have two children who keep me on my toes and make life very interesting.

When I was a kid I was never a really big reader.  In third grade I found out I was Dyslexic and would always us it as an excuse. High School was when I really fell in love with reading. We had to pick out a book from the list the teacher gave us to do a book report. I went into the school library and picked out Lord of the Rings the fellowship of the Rings.  I went home and read it in a weekend. Then went back to get the next two books. Those book are still my favorite books and they always will be.

It’s really hard to find me without a book now.  I will read on my Kindle, a paper back, or I read on my phone.

I will read just about anything. I like to try out  new genre just to try them out. If I had to pick my favorite it would be romance. I love happy endings.  I read Young adult, New Adult, and Adult.  Lately I have been getting into the darker books also.

Book Boyfriend’s I have too many to name.

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  1. Hello ladies! I have a new adult post-apocalyptic romance out called The Emperor's Concubine and I would love to request a review, however I could not find you contact info. Please advise. Thank you!
    Killarney Sheffield.