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 Most of you that have followed my blog for years will know I have read many new authors. That being said, going forward unfortunately we are not accepting ARC's.  The reason for the change is I am burnt out, we are burnt out with reading books day in and day out that does not necessary met our interest. We always want to help bu read constantly isn't fun anymore. I want to continue to find the joy of reading and not making it my second job. 
I love all authors and we are still here to help.~Akeisha
Reading interests for our reviewers:

Akeisha: Reviews on NetGalley
Likes: Young Adult, New Adult, Historical Romance(hit or miss), Contemporary, Erotica (hit or miss), Romantic Suspense, Dark Romances
Not a fan of : Books written in third person, M/M Romances, Paranormal romances

Likes: Some Erotica, Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal Romance,Contemporary, Some Historical Romances. 
Not a Fan of: Cliffhangers. Will agree to cliffhangers if the other books in the series ofis published.

Natalie (Reviewer/Co-blogger:
Likes: Sports / College,  Paranormal Romance, Young Adult, New Adult, some Erotica, Contemporary and MC.
Not a fan of: Christian and Historical reads.

Rating System:

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