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Today we interviewed Author Nancy S. Thompson. Please check out this interview and following this great author. There is also a giveaway at the bottom of the page.
Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
A. I’m an interior/architectural designer and have run my own business for 18 years now. I’m also
a freelance book editor, as well as an author. I’m a San Francisco Bay Area transplant currently
living in Seattle, Washington with my husband of 25 years, our son, and a couple of crazy animals.

Q. Who/What inspired you to write your first book?
A. My first book, The Mistaken (book 1), was inspired by the Thirty Seconds to Mars’ song
“Hurricane”. The lyrics, “Tell me, would you kill to save a life...would you kill to prove you’re
right...” made me wonder what could make a good and decent man commit a violent crime and
could he ever return to the man he once was. The Mistaken was all about forgiveness, and book 2,
Leverage, is about how far he’ll go, how much he’s will to sacrifice, to protect his wife and family.

Q.  What genre are your books? Why did you choose this genre?
The Mistaken Series: The Mistaken (book 1) & Leverage (book 2) are both dark romantic thrillers.

Q. How many books have you published to date?
A. I’ve published those two, The Mistaken & Leverage, and I’m currently working on my third, a
stand-alone titled Stirred, a dark erotic thriller.

Q. Can you tell us a little about your books?
The Mistaken is about Tyler Karras, a man who loses his pregnant wife and is driven by personal
demons to exact revenge on the woman he believes responsible, while also trying to free his
younger brother from the Bratva, San Francisco’s Russian mafia. Thing is, as he macerates his
grief in alcohol, he mistakes the wrong woman and has to protect her from the very enemy he’s
Leverage continues Ty’s story as the new leader of the Bratva returns to reclaim the kingdom he
believes Ty stole from him, using Ty’s new family as leverage to do so.

Q.  Where can the readers find your books?
The Mistaken & Leverage are both exclusive to Amazon and are currently listed in their Kindle
Unlimited program.

Q. What was the hardest thing about being an author?
A. It’s a toss-up between staying focused on the writing and promotion so the books will be visible in
a crowded market and sell.

Q. What is your favourite thing about being an author?
A. Besides the writing itself, I’d say the best part is connecting with readers who love my stories.
There’s simply nothing better than knowing my words have touched and impacted someone.

Q. Would you like to see any of your books made into a movie? If so, which ones?
A. My reviewers have often said, almost across the board, that the entire series would make a great
movie. They’re both loaded with action, intrigue, suspense, emotion, and tons of romance,
especially Leverage, which is extra steamy!

Q.  Is there a particular actor/actress you would want to play your main characters in this
A. I’d love to see Martin Henderson play Tyler, who is a Brit raised mostly in Australia before
relocating to San Francisco, CA. The accent is a must. So are the intensely brooding blue eyes.
11. What are your thoughts on reviews? Do you respond to them good or bad?
I love reviews! I’ve been extremely lucky to have almost exclusively 5 and a few 4 star reviews,
on both books. The Mistaken rates 4.6 stars and Leverage, 4.9 stars. But even the 3 star reviews
are beneficial as they make me strive to be a better writer. As a rule though, I never engage with
reviewers via Amazon or Goodreads. But I love it when a reader “friends” me on Facebook and we
can engage there. I’ve made some wonderful friends there.

Q.. How can readers get in contact with you or find out more about your books?
A. Well, they can always email me at But if someone just wants the basics,
they can always find me via my Amazon author page at
Thompson/e/B009R9Z3Y8 or my Goodreads author page at
show/6153571.Nancy_S_Thompson. But if they want to really get to know me, then they should
friend me on Facebook at or just “like” my FB
author page at

Q. Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven't included?
Yes, to my readers, be on the lookout for Stirred, a dark erotic thriller, both steamy and scary, about
the perils of social media for a well-known author of dark erotic romance, coming Spring 2015.


(Voted Best Thriller & Best Audiobook – eFestival of Words 2014 Best of the Independent
eBook Awards)
All Tyler Karras wants is to enjoy life with his expectant bride. What he gets instead is a
graveside seat at her funeral. With the woman who killed her uncharged and still free, all Ty
wants now is revenge.
His brother, Nick, has dangerous connections and suggests a sadistic plan: grab the woman
responsible and hand her over to his associates--sex-traffickers in San Francisco's Russian
Mafia. They offer Ty more than he dreamed possible. In exchange for the woman, they'll finally
let his brother leave the business for good--with his debt wiped clean and his heart still beating.
There's just one problem: Ty kidnaps the wrong woman.
Now he must protect Hannah Maguire from the very enemy he's unleashed, but the Russians are
holding Nick as leverage to force Ty to complete their deal. Caught in a no-win situation, Ty
must find a way to save himself, his brother, and the woman, but with the Russian Mafia, even
two out of three makes for very long odds.

Four years ago, Tyler Karras' quest to avenge his wife's death led to all out war with San
Francisco's Russian Mafia. With the Bratva's collapse and its king, Dmitri Chernov, long dead,
all Ty wants now is to put it behind him and enjoy a second chance at life with his new bride,
Hannah, and the child they're expecting any day.
But Chernov's heir, Grigory Dmitriev, has returned, bitter and determined. He wants his
kingdom back, and he's more than willing to leverage Ty's new family to get it.
First he targets Conner, Ty's brooding nineteen-year-old stepson, manipulating the boy into
a vortex of sex, drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Then he turns his sights on Hannah. At eight
months pregnant, she's the ultimate bargaining chip. With all their lives in jeopardy, Ty has
little choice but to do as Grigory commands.
But Tyler swore he'd never kill again. He buried that monster four years ago and means to keep
it that way.
With his new family on the line, Ty will cross further into the dark side than ever before,
challenging everything he believes about himself, and forcing him to face the ghosts of his past.
Only then will Ty discover if he has the strength to sacrifice his last chance at redemption and
save the lives of those he loves.


Nancy is the award-winning author of two dark romantic thrillers, The Mistaken, her debut, and
Leverage, the sequel. She is a California transplant currently living in Seattle, Washington with her
husband and son, their giant snow dog, Jack, and his kitty, Skye. Besides moonlighting as a freelance
editor, she also has her own interior design business within the model home merchandising industry.
When she's not writing, editing, reading, or designing, Nancy keeps herself busy by cooking and


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