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The Lonely Girl by Gracie Wilson

Author: Gracie Wilson
Stars: 4

What if one day you woke up and found your heart had been shattered? You lost the one person you loved more than anything. 
What happens when you learn to move on even though you thought you’d never be able to again? Is it worth the risk to try and let someone in? Is it better to be left alone then take the chance of more heartache?
This time will be different. Becca slowly starts to put the shattered pieces of her heart back together only to have it broken again by someone she trusted. Can her heart that was barely healed in the first place be fixed, again? 

Becca falls for someone new, but will her heart be safe. Will she survive the secrets that come out from the past? Love is worth the risk. Can she really believe that? The question is: is he worth the risk?

***New Adult rated 17+ ***
*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review, and an honest review you shall get*
From the Prologue I was instantly drawn into the story. It starts off with a traumatic event that Rebecca was a part of. Rebecca Potts a.k.a. "Becca" is now broken and lost because the one person she felt she couldn't live without is now gone.
The story evolves around Becca shutting out the world because she's still silently mourning. She experiences bad dreams every night reliving some moments of the traumatic event. Her brother Alec (who is the sweetest and protective big brother I've ever read about) is trying to pull her out of the shadow and is determine to show her what it is to start living again.
Alec convinces Becca to go to Lakehead University with him for a couple of days and there she formed friendships with her brother's friends Jacob and Keegan.
I loved them both but will have to say that I was rooting for one more than the other. Keegan was smart, sexy, protective and a great friend. I wanted to yell at him because of some of his decisions. Sometimes I felt like I wasn't sure of his intent with Becca but I got over it.
 Then we have Jacob or "Jakey" as Becca called him. He is rich, smart, sexy and another protective friend. Becca and Jakey formed a great friendship that had everyone else questioning their relationships. Just friends or in a relationship?
I enjoyed the story overall but won't lie about wanting to throw my kindle at the wall because of Becca and her decisions. I kept telling myself she was only 18 and in college. I liked that she seem to be getting her act together at the end of the book. She started to build confidence and was trying to live her life the way she wanted. But I couldn't handle all the crying, I kept saying "again".
About  80% into the book that when the story started to cook for me. Wow, there were so many twist and turns, ups and downs, old boyfriends making an appearance (not a good thing) that I swear I was in an episode of Criminal Minds.
What an interesting turn of events, my gosh I should have had some popcorn along with a drink to watch it all unfold. My heart was jumping and I was on the edge of my seat.
Lets not talk about the end of the book. My god, be warn you are going to be shouting "what the hell, nooooooooo?" .
Definitely a must read, if you want to be on a ride with The Lonely Girl!

" I don't want you to be that lonely girl anymore"....
" I'll always be that lonely girl, jake"
" I wish I could love him, because I bet he'd be good for me. unfortunately, you cant change the chaos that has become this life. My life. No matter how much you wish you could"
"It's you _______, From the time I got off the plan and saw you waving at the fence, it has been you"

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