Thursday, 22 January 2015

REVIEW~ ZEL (Deviants & Saints #1) by Shantaye Brown


***Comprehensible Jamaican dialect is used throughout the story because the heroine 'Zel' is half Jamaican***

This is not your typical love story. The questionable 'heroine' is not the victim, she's the bad-guy you'll probably love and hate... Depends on your sanity.

Asher stalked her because there was something about her that was undeniable, she's a mystery and he's drawn to her like nothing else, but nothing could prepare him for what he found.

Zel makes people's problems go away. She's cynical, aggressive and has no regard for human life, but when Asher crosses her path he becomes a problem she couldn't possibly 'make go away' as easy as the others.

Asher finds himself in way too deep when the lives of everyone he loves is threatened and he has to play the willing captive to keep them safe.

Zel has her own problems, someone wants her dead and they're not shy about it. They both won't be safe until she gets to them first.

Secrets unfold, lies are told and sacrifices are made. Consequences be damned.

Warning: Extreme violence, graphic sex, filthy Jamaican language and an overly aggressive and possessive heroine 18+

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review
Reviewed by: Akeisha
As I read Zel I questioned if this author had written a previous book. I had to look up her bio and sure enough this was her first book. This was an excellent start for a debut novel. The writer's words flowed well, her characters were witty and hot, it seemed that Shantaye Brown was born to write.
As I sit and write this review, I honestly cannot remember how I stumbled upon the synopsis for Zel but when I read what the story was about I was instantly intrigued. I saw the word ”Jamaican” and was even more excited to dive in.
***A note to readers, don't make the warning about the Jamaican language scare you away from reading this book. The author does use the Jamaican slang however she explains it all and I loved that she took to time to ensure that her readers were not left feeling lost or confused.***

Now about the story.....
Zel is a Jamaican Assassin. She is very mysterious, twisted and very sexy to the men she encountered. I loved her personality and her take no non-sense attitude. Zel believes she doesn't care about anyone but the author slowly shows that under her rough layers she does care a little.

Then we have Asher.
Asher is obsessed with Zel.  Her beauty had him captivated. I loved that he had this Alpha thing hidden and I believe Zel will be the one to bring it out if given the chance.
Overall, I thought for a first novel the author does a great job. The book was filled with suspense, mystery and murders. The author leaves you guessing and sitting at the edge of your seat.  I laughed a lot and I really liked the slang coming from Zel. I usually like the male character but in this book I found myself loving Zel more.

The only think I would say about the book "Zel" was being that I am Trinidadian and hang around a lot of Jamaicans all the time I wanted the dialect to be a little more raw. I think the author did not use a lot of it and I wanted more lol. For a dark read, I wanted it to be a little more twisted and I also wanted my mind to be blown.

The story was different and good, Definitely a must read in my book!!!!



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