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Katie Mettner

1.    Can you tell us a little about yourself? I would love too! My name is Katie Mettner and I live in Northern Wisconsin, where I’ve lived all my life. I’ve been married to my husband Dwayne for 15 years and have three kids, one girl and two boys. I also live with two leopard geckos and a fish, all named after Japanese Anime characters, thanks to my daughter! I’m a ballroom dancer turned amputee, and I’m an advocate for amputee’s right to a well fitting prosthesis. I’m also an advocate of organ donation, because it has so closely touched my life. In 2009 I donated a kidney to my husband’s brother and am happy to report we are both doing well. I write inspirational romance for all ages. My Snowberry series is about characters just out of college, the Sugar Series focuses on just one couple and their family, and the Northern Lights Series is a mix and match of new adult, inspirational and I even have older couples finding love.

2.    Who/What inspired you to write your first book? In my case it was what, and that was the amputation, simply because I finally had some down time to write. Sugar had been floating around in my head as a character for a long time, but what she became was very different than I thought she would be when I was just in the thinking stage of the book. After I published Sugar’s Dance I realized pretty quickly how few stories there were about people with disabilities finding their true love, so with that I found my platform. I’ve published nine stories now and all of them have at least one character trying to overcome something to find their true love.

3.    How many books have you published to date? Like I said above I’ve written nine romance books and number ten and eleven are at the editors. I also have a children’s book, Spaghetti Eddie, that I wrote and my son’s class illustrated. That was a fun project to work on and would love to do that again when I get some time!

4.    Where can the readers find your books? My books are all on Amazon only. They are all part of the Kindle Unlimited program as well. I have found the KU program to be beneficial to me for building a new audience. It’s a love hate relationship, but you can’t argue with finding new, devoted readers for your work.

5.    What was the hardest thing about being an author? I think the hardest thing for me was just figuring what the heck to do. I had no idea what I was doing when I published Sugar’s Dance. In the last four years I have learned SO much! Finding time to write amongst all the marketing and time spent on social media was a real trick for me in the beginning, but thanks to some good friends, and other authors I looked up to, I caught on quickly and now I manage it all with a lot less difficulty.

6.    What is your favourite thing about being an author? My favorite thing is the feeling I get every time I finish a story and get the first review! I love it when my stories resonate with someone. I don’t care if 20 people hate it, as long as it made a difference in one person’s life, because that’s the reason I write.

7.    Would you like to see any of your books made into a movie? If so, which ones? This is a funny question because I just got a 2 star review for December Kiss that said “it plays like a Lifetime movie.” Well, you know what? There have been a lot of great authors who have had their books made into Lifetime Movies, so I took that as a compliment! I think the Snowberry series would make a great movie because it’s based on a fictional town and it’s something you could just have a lot of fun with. Sugar’s Dance, my first novel, would make a fantastic movie because it’s romantic suspense and is set on Lake Superior. It would be an epic movie if ever made, but of course it won’t be. LOL

8.    Is there a particular actor/actress you would want to play your main characters in this movie? All I can say is if they make Sugar’s Dance into a movie Jude Law would make a great Van J Sugar would be a little harder to find, but I think there is a lot of talent in the disabled acting community who could do it.

9.    What are your thoughts on reviews? Do you respond to them good or bad? I love a good review! I also love a good 1 star review if it’s filled with something that actually makes sense. I get quite a few 1 star reviews that say there is too much sex or what not, when they have been clearly warned on the blurb of the book about everything they are complaining about, that irritates me. I don’t respond to bad reviews, because I don’t want to get into a war with anyone. I do thank readers on social media for their reviews by tweeting and sharing them on Facebook etc.

10.  How can readers get in contact with you or find out more about your books? They can head to my blog at, the information on all my book series is there. They can email me at or go to my author page at Amazon

11. Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven't included? I thought since we are highlighting the Snowberry Series I would share a little about each of the couples, if you don’t mind. I’m even including a sneak peak on the new couple coming out for Easter J

The characters in this series are all based around one family, The Alexanders. In the first book Dully Alexander is a special education teacher who meets Snow Daze, a physician at the local hospital where he was visiting a student. We don’t meet any other Alexanders specifically in the book, but he tells Snow about his brother, Jason, who was born with spina bifida and has been in a wheelchair his whole life. Snow is also in a wheelchair and was struggling to accept that a man like Dully could love her knowing she would always be in a chair. Snow and Dully’s story is a novella, because you continue to get their story through the rest of the series.

Jason Alexander, Jay as he prefers to be called, was a college student when Snow Daze was written. December Kiss opens with him newly graduated and looking for a job in his hometown of Snowberry. He meets December Kiss in a rather uncomfortable situation and has to accept help from her to get back to his car when his wheelchair breaks down. Jay is a good guy, a social worker, who has seen his share of pain and disparagement. He loves his little niece, Sunny, Snow and Dully’s daughter, and Sunny plays a big role in helping him overcome his fears about being a husband and father. December is an all around awesome woman who is a nurse at the same hospital where Snow works. She slowly falls in love with Jay’s charm, but she’s been hurt deeply by her own family, including her twin, Noel. Jay stumbles upon a chance to bring the two of them together and takes it.

Noel Kiss owns and operates seven cafes in southern Minnesota. When you meet him in December Kiss he’s feeling the heaviness of not having his twin sister with him and really wants to reconcile, so when Jay shows up he takes the unexpected opportunity to do so. When he goes to Snowberry for Christmas he meets Snow’s best friend Savannah Hart. He doesn’t know why, but he instantly knows she is going to need something from him. Drawn by the need to be close to Snowberry he buys an old closed down restaurant next door to Savannah’s Flower Emporium, so he can keep an eye on the woman who has found a way into his heart, even though he still has no idea why. This is where the series diverts from the Alexanders and moves into the rest of the town as a whole.

April Melody (Easter 2015) is Noel Kiss’s right hand woman. She runs the front of the café and does the books for him, grateful to find a job where her disability can stay hidden. A child singing star God threw her the biggest curveball anyone has ever seen and she’s still trying to figure out why. When a kitchen accident sends her to the local hair salon she comes face-to-face with the man who just moved into Old Lady Lifton’s apartment next door to her, a man who just goes by ‘Crow’.

I’m sure you can see by the descriptions of the book that each book is a play on names. Snow Daze was written because I had an old patient who would come to the doctor I worked for, and her name was Snow. I always thought it was a great name for a character and finally took the plunge and based a story around it. When it came time for Jay’s story I knew it was going to end on Christmas Eve, so December Kiss was just the best name ever! Noel’s Hart, well Savannah Hart steals his, you get it. I try to find titles that will intrigue people and make them wonder how I got there with the name. The story of how the character got their name from their parents is always revealed inside the book, so the reader is always let in on the answer.

Thank you so much for having me on the blog today! I appreciate the spotlight and all you do to help Indie Authors get the word out about their books.

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