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BOOK REVIEW~ Broken Ground by Anna Paige

Broken Ground: (Broken Series Book 1) 

Clay McGavran was stuck in hell.

Otherwise known as Denson, Virginia - a small town in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains - a town shrouded in the pain and tragedy of the past.

As partner at one of Richmond’s most successful construction and design firms, building someone else’s dream home was his job. But when their dream brought him to the town of his nightmares, he was thrust into a past he’d worked diligently to forget.

The only respite to his misery came from an unexpected - and inconvenient - source.

His new assistant, Alison.

To Clay, Alison was the woman whose perpetual smile and hauntingly familiar eyes were a balm to his scraped and bruised psyche. She was the antithesis of the type of woman he usually took to his bed but he found himself wanting her more than any woman before her.

And, as his employee, she was the one woman he couldn’t have. 

His company, friendships, and reputation were at stake. He couldn’t cross that line again. He’d been reckless in the past and it had nearly cost him his company – and his life. But it’s not so easy to walk away when, in the fires of his personal hell, he may have stumbled headlong into his salvation.

***Due to coarse language and graphic sexual situations, this book is not intended for individuals under the age of 18.***

Broken Ground is the debut novel by Author Anna Paige. For a first novel, I must admit this book was really good. The author’s story and characters came to life and the story line kept me interested until I found out how the book ended.

In Broken Ground we are introduced to Clay, a level headed guy that seems to have his head on his shoulders. Well......besides being a man whore.  Clay is forced to face a past he wasn’t ready to deal with but in the process also  trying to get his partners off his back. I really enjoying seeing Clay's character grow into a caring, passionate and protective male when it came to Ali and her friend Talia.

Then we have Ali. A funny, feisty woman with a past that doesn’t seems to follow her. Hoping to do what she loves she didn’t expect to find a companion when she did. Ali is broken but still so strong.

Overall, Broken Ground was good. The story was mysterious, eventful, fun but most all a good love story. The author does well with making you fall in love with everyone and even dislike the ones that seem to always cause trouble.
The only reason I didn’t rate this book a 5 star was because of the pace. I think the peak of the story came to quickly and after that the story seemed to read really slowly.


Anna Paige is the author of Broken Ground and Flawlessly Broken, the first two installments in the Broken series. Each title in the series is an interconnected standalone. Anna is currently working on the third book in the series.

She lives in a rural town in North Carolina where the only activity is the rhythmic color change of the solitary stoplight and a very real threat of being carried away by mosquitoes. The only alternative to terminal boredom is writing, making life interesting if only on the page. 

Anna is happily married, with one amazing son and a pair of hilarious pets. When she’s not writing, she’s trying to make a dent in her TBR pile. Given that she’s constantly adding new titles to the list, the chances of her ever finishing are slim. 

And she’s completely fine with that

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