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REVIEW~Avenging Heart (#4 Ignited) by Desni Dantone

Avenging Heart (#4 Ignited) by Desni Dantone

Kris Young wants nothing more than to be a normal girl. Thrust into a life she didn’t ask for, and faced with a future that she does not want, she sets off an adventure that she hopes will lead to her freedom. With her best friend’s life, the future of the Kala-Skotadi war, and her own soul at stake, failure is not an option.

Old and new allies unite on a quest against the demigods and Kris’s half-sister, Circe, the mastermind behind it all. Together, they fight to sever Kris and Alec from their evil ties once and for all, and rescue Callie from her own doomed fate. But Circe has other plans for them.

When an unexpected loss strikes the group, will Kris lose the will to go on? Or will a need for vengeance drive her to finally succeed?

Find out how the story of Kris, Nathan, Alec, and Callie will end in the epic conclusion to The Ignited Series, where, in the race against time and evil, all bets are off . . . and no one is safe.
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ARC received in exchange for an honest review
Avenging Heart is the fourth book in the Ignited series and they really need to be read in order.  The other  books in the series are:

Ignited #1
Sacrificed #2
Salvaged Soul #3
Avenging Heart #4

If you have not heard of or started this series I highly recommend you do it ASAP!!!

Getting back to Avenging Heart, well, it was the perfect ending to this fantastic series and I was not disappointed at all. I was lucky enough to have received an ARC and i devoured it in hours. It is written in the dual point of view from Kris and Nathan and manages to elicit every emotion under the sun.  I laughed, cried, fell in love, hated, was angry and at one point I was completely devastated but at no point was I disappointed with the outcome.

It is a roller coaster that I thoroughly enjoyed riding. Although I am sad to say goodbye to Kris, Nathan, Gram, Callie, Alec, Jared and the many other characters that you will meet along the way I feel that the story was told perfectly. There really is nothing missing from it.  (Now if Desni feels the need to maybe do a spin-off I of course would be excited to see what happens.) For now I am happy to give this book a big FIVE STAR recommendation.


Ignited (The Ignited Series Book 1)
by Desni Dantone

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