Tuesday, 8 March 2016

REVIEW~ Crave by Teresa Mummert

All I craved was one night to forget about the tragic murder of my brother Marcus. Elijah Malakai seemed like the perfect person to take my mind off everything my family had endured. He was a hunter and for the first time in years, I felt safe.
However, Elijah had his own tragic past. As his secrets unraveled, my world was thrown into turmoil once more.I had to decide whether or not Elijah was worth the pain his past would bring and if I was strong enough to stand by his side and fight.


I received this Arc in exchange for an honest review.
I love Teresa Mummert’s books and I love Vampires. So naturally when I saw Teresa was writing a book that had Vampires in it I got really excited. She has never let me down yet with a book. Teresa has an amazing way in sucking you in a book and making it so you never want to put it down.
The Characters in Crave were really well developed and interesting. Sometimes in paranormal books, one of the characters becomes too much and I get sick of them. This did not happen while reading Crave. There was so much depth to the character that it keeps you invested and wanting more. Eva was a strong character that had a rough start. She loses her brother to Vampires and wants to stay as far from them as she can. Elijah is a vampire and he was such an interesting character. I had a hard time figuring him out and I loved that I couldn’t right away. He keeps the story going.  I think the only thing I had an issue with is that connection between Eva and Elijah it seemed to happen really quickly and it was so strong at first. Eva hates Vampires but is connected to Elijah right away. I would have like to see a not so strong connection right away. Even with that, I still loved the book.
I would highly recommend anyone to pick up this book and give it a try.

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