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REVIEW~ Forbidden Faith by T.J. West

 *WARNING...Explicit language and sex. Hot Scenes with Rockers! Not intended for those under 18 years*

They fell in love and it was perfect, until it wasn't. A pay off, a lie. Two lives torn apart, gone their separate ways. Is it possible to rekindle when you are Forbidden Faith?

What can I do to take this Arizona sky
and replace it with the color of your eyes.
Life has not been the same since
you walked inside my flame,
staring inside my soul.

I am forbidden to ever get near you
But am dying to be near you
The ink travels on my sleeve
Forbidden Faith is now inside of me.

The piercings leave holes in my skin
but what you leave is bigger from within.
How can this be for real when nothing in front of me
has ever ripped me to shreds.
I never want to look back but never want to move ahead.

I am forbidden to ever get near you.
But am dying to be near you
The ink travels on my sleeve
Forbidden Faith is now inside of me.

What makes me will break me
What you give me will heal me
Show me how to get out of this concrete
By lifting me above this heavy street, soaring
through the Arizona sky.

I am forbidden to ever get near you
But am dying to be near you
The ink travels on my sleeve
Forbidden Faith is now inside of me

I wish I had never met you
cause’ everything has changed
my path is now unpredictable since you walked inside my flame!

Forbidden to ever get near you
Dying to be near you
Your ink travels on my sleeve

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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first book I've read from T.J. West and it was an enjoyable one. I love my Rock stars and Lucas fell right into that category for me. He was sweet and a kind guy, turned man whore but that’s OK I still loved him.

Forbidden Faith follows the story of Faith and Lucas of how they met and their fall. I love seeing the flashbacks of them meeting and how shy they both were. Something happens that drives them apart and now years later they are living different lives. Can you forget a love so strong? Both Faith and Lucas are trying their hardest to not think of each but man was it hard. Did Fate bring them back together again? Can they get over each other? You will have to read to find out :)

The characters were all great even when they were being complete A-holes lol. I love when an author incorporates music into their book. I love reading and feeling the lyrics in Forbidden Faith. The pace of the story was good as I read it in one sitting. Overall, a good read. I think the only thing I had to say was I wanted a little more punch to the story. It was kind of predictable but other than that I enjoyed it.

I'm a stay at home Mom of two teenagers. I became a self published author in 2014 after being inspired by many self indie authors. I have enjoyed writing for a long time, but never thought my imagination would carry me to this point in my life. After many years of losing my passion, and from enjoying raising my children I am finally at a place where I can reach for my dreams. Whether I become a best seller or not, I am loving the journey I am on and will continue to write as long as my readers are willing to read my stories.
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