Sunday, 7 February 2016

RELEASE DAY BLITZ + Giveaway ~ Carried Away by Kamery Solomon

Mark Bell is being haunted.

Ever since his friend, Samantha, drowned in the Treasure Pit, he’s been running from her ghost. When his path takes him to a historical site and shipwreck in Texas, he hopes the past will stay where it belongs. However, the more he uncovers, the clearer it becomes that something is not right. Old friends need his help, and he doesn’t know if he’s the man to get the job done. 

Samantha O’Rourke is a time traveler trying to survive in the past. Trapped in the social pyramid of the French Court and the secret society her husband, Tristan, defends, she feels more out of place than ever before. Nothing ever stops a treasure hunter for long, though, and she soon finds herself caught up in another mystery, only to have life yanked to a precarious perch, where only the truly strong will survive.

Can the future be changed? Or is everything set in stone, destined to follow only one course?

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From Kamery Solomon, #1 bestselling genre author and creator of the international bestseller SWEPT AWAY, comes CARRIED AWAY (The Swept Away Saga, Book Two), a continuation of the time travel, pirate adventure that stole your heart!

"Hidden treasures, love, adventure, traveling back in time . . . what more could you want?! With another historical  treasure on the horizon, you will not be disappointed with the richly woven story Kamery Solomon has created!"
~Vonnie Hudson, Amazon Customer

"Carried Away is dramatically charged, with action packed details, and moments that will grip your heart in a vice. Dare I say it? Kamery Solomon may have just written my favorite read of 2016!"
~Annie Angelich, Book Banshee

"If you think that books can't get any better then that last book you read, or that you won't want a different book boyfriend than that guy in that last book; I have something to tell you. YOU ARE WRONG!! This MUST be the book you are reading NOW!"
~Julie Engle, Amazon Customer

Praise for The Swept Away Saga:

“Amazing! The best way I can think to describe it is Pirates of the Caribbean meets Outlander! There is action, adventure, romance and so much more! You will not be disappointed!”
~Heather Garrison, Amazon Customer

"The BEST book I've read THIS YEAR!"
~Lacey Weatherford, #1 International and USA TODAY Bestselling author of Crush, Allure, and Of Witches and Warlocks.

"Swept Away is the perfectly titled action-packed, swoon filled story by Kamery Solomon! From the first page to the heart racing last words, Swept Away took me on a swash buckling adventure--one that left me desperately wishing for a Tristan O'Rourke of my own. Watch out, peeps . . . this is pure GOLD . . . a treasure to devour! The hunt is over--pirates are the new addiction!"
~Belinda Boring, #1 Genre and Top 100 Bestselling Author of The Mystic Wolves

"I love the characters and the mystery. The author does a fantastic job weaving every part in this story that will leave you wanting more. I highly recommend!
~Laura Collins, Amazon Customer

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Kamery Solomon Books is giving away a treasure chest with so many goodies inside, it’s worth over $2,500!

*handmade, one-of-a-kind items, like turquoise jewelry!
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About The Author
Kamery is not the person who grew up dreaming of the day that she would clutch her very own novel to her chest, tears brimming over the rims of her eyes as she thought about how she'd written it herself, finally! In fact, anything remotely like that didn't even happen until she was actually holding her first book in her hand, amazed that she'd written it and wondering how on Earth she'd managed to do it when it hadn't ever occurred to her to write one until months before. Surprisingly, though, it was just what she never realized she loved doing.

When starting out in life, Kamery had (and still has) big dreams to perform on Broadway. She loves music and acting very much, while she and dance have a love/hate relationship; she would love to do it and every form of dance decides it hates that about her, haha! The one constant she always had between the performing world and the book world were the stories, tales that transported her to other worlds and made her feel like she really could do anything. Finally, she decided she wanted to do that for someone else and sat down to write. 

It's been a few years since she held that first book, realizing that she really liked writing and wanted to do more, but the love that blossomed in that moment has only grown. Currently, Kamery works from home in the White Mountains of Arizona, while taking care of her two adorable kids, a girl and a boy, and talking her sweet husband Jake's ear off about the insane amount of characters in her head who are ready to fight to the death for a chance at their own novels. She also gets together with other authors in the family and they all gab together, making up The Royal Court of the Queens of Romance. It truly is a wonderful life!

For more information on future releases and how to contact Kamery, please visit her website

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