Monday, 15 February 2016

REVIEW~ Bent, Not Broken by Suki Sather

 Delaney is an ordinary college student with good grades and a bright future in anthropology and a part-time job at the mall with her best friend for as long as she can remember. She loves music and is working to master Krav Magra. Her loving adoptive parents and three foster sisters are the center of her very routine, normal life.
Delaney also struggles with strange dreams and feeling lost and afraid, and though her Death Watcher is always right next to her, she has no clue he is there in the shadows protecting her, or the truths about her past that make it so important for her to be shielded in the stability and normalcy those who love her crusade to maintain around her.
The fight has only just begun in a war that has raged since the birth of humanity.
Can darkness conquer the light or will Delaney awaken and decide that ordinary is truly over rated?

 Review by Lexi

I was really excited to read this book because I'm always looking for a good paranormal story. Suki Sather is a new author to me and I can now say that I am a huge fan! I absolutely loved Bent, Not Broken from cover to close. The blurb alone draws me in. Delaney has an interesting background that remains unknown. She starts developing these strange dreams and begins to not know what is happening in the now and what's her dream. With bits and pieces of her everyday missing, Delaney's normal life begins to unravel right before her eyes. Malik and Delaney's connection is what really got me into the story. I love how the author was able to pull you in with them. She did an amazing job at showing you their feelings and the love they have for each other. It's such a struggle to write a review about a book like this without giving away any key points, but what I will say is that this book is a must read! There is so much going on that you'll never want to put it down until the very end...and then pick it right back up and read it again!


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