Saturday, 23 January 2016

REVIEW* With One Word by Olivia Blake

Ever since my dad walked out, life has been hell. My mother is an alcoholic whore who ruined high school for me and is making things even worse for my little sister, Willow. Every guy I’ve ever gone out with has only been after one thing, thanks to Mom’s reputation, and my only real friend has moved halfway across the country to go to college. The only person left who seems to care about me at all is my best friend’s dad, Grant. And now I'm afraid I’m starting to care about him just a little more than I should. Over the years women have moved in and out of his life, but none of them ever lasted for long. I’ve always wondered if he's been waiting for the right woman to come along. Only what if she’s already here, and she just needed a chance to grow up? And what if he’s finally noticed that she has?

There was something in his look that left me both warm and shivery at the same time, something a little scary and a little exciting.

When my wife and son died in a plane crash nine years ago, Holly was the one who dragged my daughter, Trish, and then me back to the world of the living. Her sweet, outgoing personality won us both over, and she and Trish have been inseparable ever since. It kills me to see what she’s had to endure after her father abandoned their family and her mother went to pieces, but Holly refuses to give up. Every single day she continues to struggle, both to keep going herself and to hold her little sister’s head above water. She’s the bravest person I’ve ever met. But sometime, when I wasn’t paying attention, that girl grew up into a woman. I know she’s my daughter’s best friend and only half my age, but while I’m fighting it as hard as I can, it doesn’t seem to matter.

Desire simmered in my blood as for the first time I truly saw Holly for the woman she’d become, rather than as the girl she’d always been.

Warning: This novel contains strong themes of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse (though *not* between the main characters). If these topics and situations disturb you, this book is probably not for you.

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****MY REVIEW****

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first book I've read from Olivia and she has officially been added to my new favorite authors to read. Not only was the synopsis of this story interesting but the story itself had me on edge. I felt like I was watching an action/love movie. I was always waiting for the worst to happen and if you read the story you would know why I said that.
I enjoyed how the main characters slowly saw each other in a new light. I wanted them to just get together already however the author does a great job with building the anticipation.

Holly is a tough, caring and despite everything she went through she believes in love. I loved how protective she was of her little sister and how she handled a lot of the situations thrown her way. Grant is hot!! I am not into older men usually he just worked in this story.

Overall, interesting story that was so much more than Grant and Holly attraction towards each other. I will warn that their is physical abuse cause by someone around her that is heart wrenching. I loved this story and enjoyed every minute of it. A very good read!! 

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