Monday, 9 November 2015

REVIEW~ Light of Dawn (The Dawn Trilogy book 3) by Komali Da Silva
When Dawn’s soul mate, Angelo, leaves town with another girl, he steals all hope of mending their relationship. However, this allows the bond with her guardian angel, Gabe, to grow. But their love can’t save them from what is to come.
When their greatest fear becomes a terrifying reality, their limits will be pushed and tested. Dawn’s strange abilities are finally revealed, and she begins to realize her full potential. Now she must decide if she will run or fight.
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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Finally, the last book in the Dawn trilogy is here. I can't tell you how long I've waiting for this book. This was a great conclusion to this series even though I was a little heartbroken by Angelo. I have always been Team Angelo but in this book I wanted to punch him a few times. Gabe did grow on me a little but I am still Team Angelo.

All the questions I had about Dawn, Bonita and the entire gang were put to rest. As always Komali writes beautifully and gave me everything I needed to still my beating heart.

I loved that Dawn grew stronger and she was able to determine her place in the war between demons and her world. The only thing I would say about Light of Dawn was it took a little long to get to the war I would even say it dragged a little. Once everything got going, oh man, I was in for a ride.

Great conclusion to this paranormal story and I can`t wait to read more from this author.

Both books are currently $0.99cents
Angels Dawn (The Dawn Trilogy Book 1)
by Komali da Silva

Fight for Dawn (The Dawn Trilogy Book 2)
by Komali da Silva


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