Saturday, 22 August 2015

REVIEW~Imperfect Truth by Ava Harrison

I’m a blogger. He’s a writer.
He was my weakness.
I was his muse.

Once upon a time my marriage was built on love...
Until it wasn’t.

Where had we gone wrong?
I had given up hope…

But then he messaged me,
And his words intoxicated me.
Made me believe in love again.

Made me believe in truth.
My imperfect truth…

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Rating: 3 Stars

I read the blurb for Imperfect Truth and thought,”What an original idea”. I one-clicked it on release day and started with excitement. I love the concept of the story. I also thought it was pretty cool that the author name the heroine after herself.

Ava Harrison was a successful blogger who happened to slowly become obsess with an author named Ryder Matthews. Ava had so many things going on in her life that I thought it contributed to her curiosity with Ryder.

You don't know a lot about Ryder besides him being a successful author. He came across as a user and only wanted to talk to Ava about how to promote his books.
 I did not like him one bit.
I could see everything that was coming Ava's way. I felt that she was blinded and refused to acknowledge a lot of things that Ryder did and said. I even questioned Ava's sanity a lot of times. Ava's behavior was that of a teenager rather than an adult.

I found myself skimming through the story. I was a little bored at times but kept reading to see how the story would end.
Overall, it was an OK story. I didn't fall in love with any of the characters and found the story a little bland.
Good first attempt but it wasn't something I was over the moon about.

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