Monday, 31 August 2015

REVIEW~ Arsen by Mia Asher

One glance was all it took…

I'm a cheater.
I'm a liar.
My whole life is a mess.

I love a man.

No, I love two men…
I think.

One makes love to me. The other sets me on fire.
One is my rock. The other is my kryptonite.

I'm broken, lost, and disgusted with myself.

But I can't stop. This is my story.
My broken love story.


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Rating: 5 stars
So many emotions were moving through me as I read Arsen.
Arsen: A Broken Love Story was told from mostly Catherine's point of view.  A few chapters were told from Ben's and Arsen's point of view`s also.

From the beginning I knew Cathy a.k.a Catherine would not be my favorite person by the way she spoke to Ben. This was a woman that lacked so much and in turn fail to face her problems. Cathy is a very heartless woman and I hated her (hate is such a strong word but yes I loathe her). How can one woman know that her actions were immoral, disgusting but still do them with a smile on her face. Pure evil I tell you.

Then we were introduced to Arsen. Where the hell did he come from? I don't know a lot about Arsen besides his ability to have God like sex. He was also lost and broken in many ways but always seem to get what he wanted. I thought Arsen was selfish, childish and a huge jerk.

Oh my sweet, sweet Ben. I loved Ben because he had it in him to love a coward. He tried so hard to save what he thought was his life but I really wanted him to man up and kick her in the butt.

To Mia Asher, how dare you put me through such heartache. So many times while reading Arsen.  I wanted to reach out to the author and ask her ”Why?”.
This book lived up to the hype. Either you will fall in love with the story or you are going to hate it because of the characters behavior and events. I loved it despite my dislike for the characters. The story was well written, heart wrenching, suspenseful and there was no way I could deny that.

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