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 Typical college student, Olivia Marshall embarks on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Spain with her best friend, Nolan, a handsome all-American. After three years, they share a special bond, but there’s a fine line between friendship and…more.
Spain turns out to be more of an experience than Olivia imagined. She meets Andres Cruz, a mysterious, sexy man. Lead singer of a band, his charm and passion is rarely denied, and Olivia is immediately drawn to him.
Torn between two men promising her forever, Olivia will discover if she can trust herself and her instincts as she chooses between the comfort of what she’s always known or the excitement of a connection she’s never felt before

This is Ellie Wade's debut novel and what a story!
This is a fiery, passionate love story that had me gripped.
Olivia is an American college student and lives with her best friend Cara. She is from a loving family, her only flaw is lack of self confidence and self belief. Her other best friend is Nolan, he is an all round sexy, thoughtful, caring guy. The way they act around each other appears much more than best friends, they are very touchy feely and have shared drunken kisses. But Nolan has a long term girlfriend from out of town so this prevents their friendship going any further.

Olivia and Nolan go to Spain on a foreign exchange programme for 3 months over the summer break and live with college kids their own age. Olivia moves in with Nadia and her twin Carlos. They are fun loving and have a good group of friends.

Enter Andres and instant attraction between him and Olivia. He is well known as a player and they both resist their attraction to each other until they can't deny it any longer. Wow, the chemistry is phenomenal and the way the author describes their kisses is so sensual. The sex scenes are so well written and passionate (he is Spanish after all)!

And so, Olivia and Andres embark on a summer romance that neither of them expected and find their first true love with each other. They promise forever with their declarations of undying love but Olivia has to return home and Nolan, who finished with his girlfriend, is waiting in the wings.

Will Olivia and Andres find their forever while living on different continents, or will Olivia finally realise that it's Nolan she really loves? I am not going into any more details about the plot, the book deserves to be read for you to see who gets the HEA with Olivia!

The book started off at quite a slow pace and I thought that on some occasions there was too much over description. I was only going to rate this 3-4* until I got a third into the story. Then Ellie really found her writing rhythm.  The pace picked up and all
the characters were so well developed, each having their own personality and roles to play in the story. Each scene was set perfectly, I really felt I could have been in Seville with them.

I felt the intensity between Olivia and Andres. Then the devastating sadness as she leaves Spain and they both have to continue with their lives until next time they can see each other. This is where the angst starts and the real emotions of the story play out. I just couldn't stop reading until I found out what happened.

If you enjoy an emotional, heartwarming (and at times heartbreaking) read with the added bonus of a love triangle, then I would highly recommend this book. I will certainly be looking out for more books from Ellie Wade in the future.
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