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Does everyone have an happily ever after? What happens when life gets in the way? This story takes you through the love and drama of two couples... Casey and Mason; and Charles and Vivian. To the outside world they have the perfect, but when the doors closed they are actually strangers.Can they find the love that once held him together.
In an effort to fix her dying relationship Cassie leaves her husband and small town. She relocates to Dallas for a temporary job and clarity on how to repair their marriage.
Charles is successful and powerful in his world but after his fight with cancer he finds that his wife is no longer attractive to him. trying to hold it together he finds a friend in Cassie.
After finding a friend in each other how do they stay away when they find everything they were needing in each other.


Reviewed by: Sharon_M745
Rating: 4.5 Stars

I was given an ARC to read and submit an honest review.

What a great story about love, the loss of love and them finding it again. This book is the first book in a series and focuses on Cassie and Charles’ life. They are both in marriages with the love of their lives and they thought that love would last forever. However, they suddenly realize their spouses don’t love them anymore.
Cassie is married to Mason. They live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else and everything about their past. Cassie loves Mason and, in his own way, he thinks he loves her. Cassie loves him so much that she ignores all the things that he does and the fact that Mason makes her feel like a failure because she can’t give him a child.
Charles loves Vivian. She is the love of his life but their physical relationship is non-existent because Vivian is afraid. Vivian who is faced with a lot of obstacles in her life chooses to look at the negative and thus pushing her husband away. To cope, Vivian criticizes and makes fun of her husband to her friends.
Cassie is sent on a temporary assignment in another city and end up working on some projects with Charles. As they talk and learn about each other’s backgrounds, Cassie offers to help Charles save his marriage. Before long Cassie and Charles become more than friends and, like often happens in these situations, they hurt one another.
This is a beautiful journey through life and love with two well-intentioned couples. The story is well written with characters that grab your heart from the very beginning. Parts of the story are told from the POV of the various main characters. This technique is used effectively so understand their thought processes and the feelings that are held deep inside of each person. There are times when I had to yell at each character and I really wanted to put my hand in the book and shake them. So often the individual couples just needed to have an honest conversation because it was plain to see the love was still there.
My only suggestion (I can’t call it a complaint)is that I wanted to know more about the love story of Cassie and______. The book ended too soon. Don't get me wrong I was very happy with the ending and wanted more time with them. Hopefully we will see more of them in the future.

This is an excellent read with both tears of sadness and tears of joy, friendship, family and happiness.
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