Wednesday, 31 May 2017

REVIEW~Excess by Kate Stewart

#Excess by Kate Stewart is now LIVE 

When I was twenty-eight years old, I wrote my own winning lottery ticket. A simple idea thrust me onto the fast track to wealth, and into a world I had only ever dreamt about. I submerged myself in the unfamiliar, a life that seemed all too alluring … until it lost its appeal.
I made my fortune, built my castle, and then exiled myself within its comforts once reality set in.
Far too late, I discovered I was drowning in a sea of hungry sharks. Given the choice to sink or swim, I chose the latter … and it cost me everything.
Devin McIntyre, the most dangerous shark of them all, was the last nail in my naïve coffin. His beautiful smile and amazing cock tainted me in ways I could have never imagined.
I craved him. I needed him. I loved him.
Miserable with the outcome of my prosperity, I set out to change what disgusted me most—the first decision being to rid myself of Devin. Little did I know that taking that first step would make me a slave to a man far more tempting … or that my addiction to Devin would threaten to ruin it all.
I was a prick, but I never hurt anyone that didn’t deserve it. 
Well … until Nina. 
I was a very smart man who made a very bad decision, but the mistakes I was paying for were not just my own. 
My behavior toward her, no matter how unforgivable, had always been about protecting her—from me, from my wife, and from the long line of mistakes I would never be able to rectify. 
Nina was finally done with me, and I knew it was for the best. I could finally keep her safe from depraved people like me. I needed her as far removed from the situation as possible. I tried to force myself to be content with her decision to move on … until I found out whom she was moving on with.
* If you are not a fan of cursing, erotic and extremely explicit sex, cheating, immoral behavior, dysfunction or sexual scenarios that may make you feel uncomfortable this is not the book for you.
** Formerly published under a pen name. Second Edition.

Excess by Kate Stewart was Holy Hell........
Nina is a women that seemed so lost with what she wanted, who she was but when it came to making millions she knew how to do that without a doubt.

A new billionaire she is trying to fit in with the it crowd as I call them. In the process of trying to figure out things she meets and works with Devin.
Sitting here and recapping the entire story might most likely bore you to death, so here is why this story was good.
1. I found myself being suspicious of every character that was evolved with Nina's life. I was constantly on edge thinking that something was about to happen. (I love suspense)

2. It was very hard to not love all the characters in this story. I found myself having a love hate relationship with both Aiden and Devin. Even after finishing Excess I still can't put my finger on how I feel about Devin but I must admit that he stood up for himself.

3. The sex in this book was Holy the charts. I am not usually a fan of erotica, I always find it be a hit or miss for me but Excess was definitely a HIT. There was so much more than just hot sex and I love that there was a story behind it all.

Overall, A good read with lots of secrets, mystery and passion beyond words. There is no doubt that Kate is amazing and I am happy I got to read this wonderful story.

P.S. Quoting Bob Marley made me love this author even more :)

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