Monday, 28 November 2016

Review ~ Inked Babies: The Inked Brotherhood Epilogue by Jo Raven

Five brothers in all but blood, five girls who love them, emerging from a past fraught with darkness and danger. There are wedding bells, and baby cries and laughter all around. They have found their happy ending.
Only one cloud is marring these blue skies, and it has to do with Zane, the rock of the Brotherhood. Nobody knows exactly what is wrong, but here’s the thing, folks:
There are five of us, and we stand all for one and one for all. If you messed with one of us, you’ve messed with all of us. We protect our own.
And Zane is more than one of our own. He’s our leader. He’s our steady center. If our center shatters, we all shatter.
This Brotherhood is strong. We’re gonna find out what troubles him and put it to rest, once and for all, bury it, stomp on it, crush it until it’s fixed or gone. 
Time we celebrated our happy ending.

This is the epilogue to Inked Brotherhood.
Best read after the series Inked Brotherhood and its spin-off Damage Control.

5 Big Shiny Stars *****

I was lucky to receive an ARC of this amazing book in return for an honest review.

How to write a review that explains, properly, how much I love these Inked boys, their ladies and babies. And now we will have some new boys to love and watch growing up. There really are no words for how much i love Jo Ravens books.  I think that this book is grittier than any others of this series. Jo really did torture our poor Zane and so all her readers.  Zane is the head of this brotherhood and when his family see him down it brings them all down as well. This book is written in the POV of each of our couples.  I really loved this as we really see all the personalities, their love and their fears for the family.  We watch each couple battle their own personal problems while trying to ensure their leader and his family know they are their for them and they WILL protect them at all costs.

This Epilogue was ( for want of a better word) EPIC. It is sad to see the end to one of my favourite series but I know now there is more to come and we will see them in the future. Thank you Jo Raven for making this ending brilliant. 

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