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REVIEW~In The Spur of the Heath

In The Spur of Heath by Sydney Ledger

Two hot men, one confused girl and a shitload of emotional trauma; Never let two men fall in love with you, girls. It never ends well... 

Reese Singh - the sarcastic, strong-willed Trini girl; a little mean, a little defiant, a little indecisive and a whole lot of fun. 
Heath Andrews - the Australian sweetheart, the best friend. The beautiful, harmless soul, and slightly clueless crush of Reese. 
Jake Cavanaugh - the seductive, gorgeous lecturer. A witty confidante with a heart of gold. Forever immaculately dressed, and a few haunting secrets up his sleeve. 

In pursuit of love from her best friend, Heath; Reese, a free-spirited Trinidadian girl who migrated to the US to pursue a degree in Film, finds herself amidst an even bigger problem when she begins having an unexpected student-teacher affair with the most attractive teacher on campus, Jake Cavanaugh. 

Internally conflicted by her love for Heath & her erotic relationship with Jake, things begin to spiral wildly out of control when Jake's illusive past comes back to haunt him & their budding relationship. Forcing the ultimate decision... 

The Best Friend or The Forbidden Love Affair? 

A witty erotic romance with a touch of suspense, lots of drama and a roller coaster ride of emotions. 

**Contains strong sexual content, adult situations and language

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is the debut novel by Sydney Ledger and I had a lot of mixed emotions about this book. 
My interest in this book was initially based on the mentioned of my home country Trinidad. I got really excited as I have yet to read any books about Trinidad in this indie community (let me know if you see any) and I was hoping the author would do it justice.

In The Spur of Heath was based mostly in California however the heroine originated from Trinidad. 

**Be warned if you are not a fan of cheating and love triangles this one might not be for you.** 

In the beginning, I found it hard to stick with the story. Getting to know Reese was a little challenging as she rambled a lot.  I thought that somethings were over described as the author would break down every detail of a room or a situation. As I continued to read Reese grew on me a little. Thinking back after having read the book I think the way the story was written was a little hard to read. E.g. one minute Reese was saying something, then she would fall asleep, and then she would recount what was happening with another character outside her door. It was a little confusing. 
I think if there was alternating points of views and they were clearly labelled as to who we were reading at the time it could have made the flow of the story a little better.

The story itself wasn’t bad and the language used maybe a little hard for some to read. As a first book I thought the author did a good job. In The Spur of Heath was full with suspense, mystery and a love triangle that would have you torn between both men. In the end I preferred Jake but you would have to read the story to find out why. 
Overall, I liked the story.  

                                                 Link: https://amzn.com/B01FZITXDQ

Sydney Ledger

Born (Faith Sydney Roy; 8th March 1993) and raised in Trinidad – A free-spirited Island girl with a lot of passion, humour, wit and creativity. I began writing since I knew how and have a love for New Adult Romance, Suspense & Fantasy stories. 
With writing I try to bring life to each and every character in my stories (I hate dull characters) - so I’m always thinking of ways to make them very realistic and enthralling, while also trying to ensure that my stories are as unorthodox as possible (no one is original) but I try my best to be with my plots. 
In 2016, I decided to devote myself to my writing and have been working endlessly to bring all my stories to life ever since. 
I think one thing I enjoy most about writing is the researching when I come up with an idea. I try to make my stories as plausible as possible, so I research a lot and then I talk out my scenarios with myself. In other words, I get completely engrossed in what I'm doing - true passion. It excites me! 
My Trinidadian voice heavily influences my style of writing which I think adds a touch of uniqueness, however, I know it makes it difficult for some to understand as when Trinis talk, we omit some words or have new meanings all together, and we also use British spelling. 
I completed Secondary School in 2011, and gave birth to my daughter, Riley Emily Roy, in 2012. Since then I have completed several short courses in Graphics & Film Production which I’m also very passionate about (I design my own book covers). 
As for me, Italian food is my absolute favourite and I'm an avid Indie, Trip Hop & Chill Step Music listener. God (faith, optimism & positivity) is key and it's what gets me through life. I’m a family & goal oriented dreamer and a believer. Life is beautiful and I take it one page at a time! 

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