Thursday, 23 June 2016

REVIEW~ From Burning Ashes(Collector Series #4) By Stacey Marie Brown

This war is not being played on a battlefield.

Killed by the man she loves, not even death is kind to Zoey. 
Neither life nor her fae powers will let her go in peace. 

In this final installment, Zoey’s strength, determination, and trust are put to the ultimate test. In the fight to protect the people she loves and stop DMG from experimenting on fae, humans, and animals to create soldiers, she learns the reality of how far Dr. Rapava will go to achieve his ultimate mission.

Of course, Rapava is not the only one willing to go to extremes. Vadik is hunting Ryker, and there is nothing he won’t do to get back the property he feels is his: both Ryker and the Stone of Destiny.

To end one evil, Zoey might have to make a deal with another. One she won't be able to get out of. And it could be the worst decision she ever made.

I am not a lover of long series with cliff hangers I have actually given up reading them because it annoys me to much but this series had me enthralled from beginning to the end. And man what an ending, I honestly believe my heart gave up at least twice in the last 2 or 3 chapters.

Stacey Marie Brown I love your amazing brain. I want to give it a big hug. You brought this world to life with your incredible writing skills. There were time when I felt like I had gone a round with Zoey and Ryder.  Sprig managed to keep some humour during even the most tense times in the book.

I am sad to see the end of this series but also I am looking forward to what is next to come from this author.


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