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REVIEW~ Love Sacrifice by Erin Everleigh

Book: Love’s Sacrifice
Author: Erin Everleigh
Genre: Contemporary Romance
I am nothing like my family.  But I’m held captive by their secrets and lies.
I should have listened to that voice in my head and left Susan alone.  But I couldn’t just walk away.  She was the only brightness in my life—a life of living in the shadows cast by the evil that surrounded me.
She taught my heart to love.  But in return, she was forced to run away and leave everything behind, including me.  After that, my life was never the same.
I no longer live—I survive. I survive to protect her from my family.
I didn’t deserve another chance with Susan, but an accidental meeting years later gave me just that. And selfishly, I couldn’t let her go—I never could. Unfortunately, neither would my family.
Only able to communicate in secret, Susan and I had to wait for the day that my family’s truths would be exposed and we could finally be together. Until then, I would tell their lies and keep my silence. But I will have my revenge.
Some would think our story is one of loss. But sometimes through loss, we discover the most precious gifts of all.
*Note to readers: This is a follow-up novella to Absolute Love, however it can also be read as a standalone.

****MY REVIEW*****

I received an ARC in exchanged for an honest review

Love Sacrifice is a follow up to Absolute Love by Erin Everleigh. Initially, I was not sure what to expect with this follow up and to be honest I should have re-read the first book because I felt a little lost in the beginning. I couldn't remember who the characters were but as the story evolved all important information and characters came back to me.
Love Sacrifice was a great way of getting answers on what happened that faithful night which changed everything for the couple. The story was suspenseful, heartbreaking, hopeful and a well written story. Erin's words captivated me and made me fall in love with her characters all over again.

My favorite Character was Aaron :)
Aaron is the type of book boyfriend that's lovable, caring and just melts your heart with his actions. I enjoyed seeing how much Aaron and Susan's relationship started and all the heartache they endured to be with each other. I wished certain circumstances were different however I always love a story with a different ending.

Overall, great story that will keep you reading and interested. I loved getting an insight from the secondary characters and finally knowing what happened. 
“Come on, Aaron.  Don’t be such a wuss!”  Susan pulls me down to the snow-covered ground and instructs me to lie flat on my back. 
I do as I’m told.  I would do anything for her.
“Okay, are you looking?” Susan asks, as she rests her head on my stomach.  Her body stretches out from mine so we are in a “T” shape.  I look up towards the afternoon sun shining brightly in a rare, clear blue winter sky. 
“Uh, huh.”
“Good.  Now squint your eyes.  See the rays of light coming off the sun in all different directions?” She doesn’t wait for me to answer. “Can you see how far they stretch?” This time she does wait.
“I do,” I say, still curious where she is going with this.
“Our love is like the sun, its brilliance and warmth shining down on each of us. With its rays stretching to the edges of the earth—there’s no distance that could break the bond that we share.  No matter where life takes us, the sun will shine upon us as a reminder of our love.  Don’t forget what we have—it’s eternal.  No one can take that from us.”
 “Who knew you were so philosophical?” I joke, secretly wiping away tears that escaped my eyes.  I have no right to cry.  She’s the one who is leaving everything and everyone she knows.
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