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20 QUESTIONS with Teresa Gabelman

Is this a new author to you? Find out some awesome things about this awesome author. Just from her answers, I can tell that she loves with she does and you can also see why her fans love her so much. Teresa is our Foster Author #FosterAnAuthorWeek ~Akeisha

Q1. What or who was your inspiration for writing your very first book? 
A. I was/am such a big reader. It’s really weird, but one day I was like I can do this…I want to do this, so I gave it a try and I’ve loved it ever since. I’ve always been a big daydreamer so it makes sense. My inspiration now is the readers. Their support and love of the characters that I love makes me want to write more and more. 

Q2. For any of your books, how did you come up with the names of the characters?
A. Well, Slade was picked by a reader during a contest….and it fits so great. The rest just came to me. It’s crazy because Sid could only be named Sid aka Sidilicous….no other name would do. 

Q3. Why did you pick Paranormal Romance as the genre to venture into?
A. I read everything, but paranormal you can make up your own world and I felt that would be awesome to do. I want to do other things and actually published a contemporary called Rodeo Romance that I wrote years and years ago. 

Q4. Was this genre an easy decision? Would you change it if you could write your first book over again?
A. It really was a easy decision. But actually paranormal wasn’t the first book I ever wrote, but Damon, the 1st in the Protectors Series, is the first I had published and I wouldn’t change that at all. 

Q5. Have you thought about writing in another genre? If so, which one and why does it interest you?
A. I wish I could whip up a story about Knights. I love that era. Johanna Lindsey’s older work is some of my favorite. 

Q6. Who are some of your go to authors?
A. Wow, do you have a minute haha. Let’s see, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Johanna Lindsey, Stephen King, Colleen Hoover, and the list goes on and on. 

Q7. Have you read any books lately? What was the last 5 star review you gave, if any?
A. I really hate to say this and it breaks my heart, but I haven’t been able to read at all for quite a while. When I’m in writing mode I find it hard to read because it really messes me up. But my Kindle is full and I do mean full of books just ready for that loooong vacation that I probably will never take.
Q8. What are you thoughts on reviews? Good or Bad, how does this affect you personally?
A. I love reviews, good or bad. I want to hear from the readers. The first 5 star review I received I ran around the house freaking out. The first 1 star review I received I may have shed a tear or two. Now I try look at them as a learning tool, especially the bad reviews. I am always learning and that’s so important for any author. No one wants to get a bad review, but it will happen so you might as well learn from it if you can. 

Q9. Can you name one thing that you find difficult about being an author? 
A. The first chapter. I absolutely hate writing the first chapter and that can take me weeks to accomplished. After that first chapter usually the rest of the story falls in place. Also, getting your books out there and that’s why book blogs such as yourself is so important to authors. I appreciate you guys so much and respect what you do. You guys ROCK! 

Q10.  List 5 things you love about being an author? 
A. Talking to readers, meeting readers, making up stories that will take readers away from their reality for a little while, doing takeovers for readers and uhmmm did I mention readers. 

Q11. In regards to Book Signings, Is there a state or country you would love to visit and participate as a signing author? 
A. I would love to go to Australia. My awesome editor, Becky Johnson-Hot Tree Editing, lives there and she was just in the states. I had my plane ticket and event tickets, but because of personal issues I wasn’t able to go to Texas to see her and it broke my heart. So I would love to go to Australia to meet readers and my editor who I adore. 

Q12. Can you explain the feeling when a reader notices you in public? 
A. Hasn’t happened yet, except for those who already know me and know I write. A lot of my high school classmates have read my books, which is so cool and if I see them that’s pretty awesome to know they’ve read or been reading my books. 

Q13. Where is your favorite place to write? 
A. In my living room with the television blaring, people talking, dog barking and everyday life happening around me. Weird I know. Every once in a while I will head outside or up in my office, but most of my books have been written on my couch with life happening loudly around me. 

Q14. Is there a specific time of day that your ideas flow better? 
A. No, not really. Once the mood strikes I hit the computer. 

Q15. What are some of your must have when writing? Coffee addict? 
A. Diet Pepsi….Speedway 32 oz Diet Pepsi. 

Q16. Are you currently working on a new book? Can we get a sneak peak :) ? 
A. Yes, two actually. Jax which is book 8 in the Protectors Series and Hunter, the 2nd in the Lee County Wolves Series. I wish I could give a sneak peek, but the way I write is weird and choppy. I will tell you both will be HOT! ;) 

Q17. In three sentences or less, tell the readers why they should give your books a try? 
A. Wow, that’s hard for me. I have a hard time selling my own books, but I sure can sell other author books. But here it goes. When I write I keep the readers in mind, meaning in the back of my mind I’m thinking would the reader like this, will it make them think holy sh*t, etc. Also Damon, which is the 1st is only .99. I feel for a new reader a .99 cent chance is okay to ask for a reader on a first book. It will at least let them know if they like my writing style, the storyline, etc. I do not write cliffhangers, but I do try to make sure they want to come back and read the rest of the books. Oh and most importantly…..HOT SEXY ALPHA VAMPIRE WARRIORS. Sorry was that more than three sentences? 

Q18. To your loyal readers, what is the one thing you would tell them besides “Thank you”? 
 A.  Their support means more to me than they will ever know. They are the reason I’m able to live my dream of writing and that’s something I can never repay except giving them the best books I can. It’s what drives me. I listen to them and when I add new characters, it is their feedback that I listen too when deciding if that character gets a book. Slade which is the 6th in the Protectors Series was only going to be a small character, but the readers spoke loud and clear and I heard. The Slade Train got his book and was my bestseller out of all the Protector books. My readers ROCK! 

Q19. What are three words that describe your writing style? 
A. Fast paced, alpha love and humor. (I think that was the hardest question by far) HA! 

Q20. Lastly, how can readers get in contact with you? 

I just want to add a big thank you. Without book blogs as yourself we would not be able to do what we do. You are such a important part of our process and you have my respect/love. Just doing a half an hour takeover, which I love to do, wears me out. You guys do this day in and day out among so much other stuff, it boggles the mind. So again, thank you Til’ The Last Page Book Blog! I couldn’t ask for a better foster!! Also thanks to my street team the Warriorettes and all the readers who support us authors and book blogs. Without you guys we couldn’t do what we love to do. Hugs!!!!

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  1. Im not sure who I love more the Characters or Teresa! Epic series and a totally Rockin' Author!!